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Boost your brand

Customised Garments. Your Design. Your Way.

Our design team will work with you to create a uniform that is as unique as you are. We understand that your brand is enhanced by the way your staff dress and look.

Professionalism is key. Our experts will work with you to understand your company's needs and ensure your new garments promote and strengthen your brand.


more options allows the right look

We understand that it's vital to have the right choices. That's why we offer you such a vast range of great looking, functional garments, in many different colours, styles and weights.

We can offer you a choice within a professional theme. With Arrow, you know you'll get what you're really looking for!

Online Ordering

Simple, flexible, convenient

Time is money and we know you are busy - so we have made ordering faster and easier. We can set you up with your own unique web-site, populated with only the garments you have selected. That means ordering is incredibly simple - for all your staff.


get a clearer picture of who gets what

Allocation management needs to be smart. Our computer programme provides information on who in your team gets what and when they get it. You're alerted if someone orders beyond what's expected or allowed for. We can help you manage such discrepancies, saving you time and money.

Get in touch. Call us on 0508 643 676 for a no obligation chat.

every day is another opportunity

If you stand still, you can get left behind. At Arrow we never stop moving ahead. We continue to seek out new fabrics and technologies to bring you not only the latest solutions, but the best options as well.


Before you buy

Not sure exactly what you want? Ask us for samples on APPRO. That way you can check out our range, compare sizes and seek feedback from your team. You are under no obligation to buy the samples and have 14 days to return them.

Uniform Recycling

Make your Uniform budget work harder

When people leave your team, you needn't lose your investment in their workwear. We have a programme to help you retrieve, re-use and recycle these garments.

If your company has a number of sites, this process is particularly useful - as your 'uniform cupboard' can be managed from one location - saving you money. Conditions apply.

Return on Investment

Uniforms are less about cost and more about investment.

Uniforms are an important component of your brand but don't need to cost the earth. At Arrow you get genuine quality at a competitive price. We don’t skimp on the quality of manufacturing or materials.

Instead we focus on making great garments and creating efficiencies, to help increase your return on the investment you have made in uniforms.