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5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Uniform


5 Reasons why your company needs a uniform


Whether your business is a clothing store, tech start-up, or an insurance provider, a good-looking uniform will work wonders for your business. Not only is a uniform often the first impression a customer has on your business, but it also lasts. Take Apple for example, a well-known brand that subconsciously encourages you to remember them. Now, close your eyes and imagine you’re inside an Apple store. You can just envision the sea of blue shirts, can’t you? This is the effect a well-designed uniform can do for you.

We also can’t overlook the health and safety benefits of uniforms. Say you are working in a high-risk environment; High vis is a crucial element in your business’s uniform.

Whether you’re considering a brand refresh, enhancing your brand identity, or just want to reinforce those perceptions consumers have of your brand, a new uniform is a great way to achieve all these. Check out these five reasons your company needs a new uniform. 


Improves the customer experience

There’s nothing worse than wandering into a store with a purchase in mind then low and behold there are no employees in sight because they’re not wearing a uniform. Imagine you’re sitting at a table in a restaurant trying to get the waiter's attention but not knowing who the waiter is because all the staff are dressed casually. Having a uniform in a retail/hospitality environment will eliminate this issue and boost the experience your customers have when on your premises.



If you own a business that has high-risk levels of your staff being injured it's imperative to introduce High vis uniforms into your program. It’s proven that wearing High vis in a dangerous workplace will significantly reduce the risk of your employees being harmed, making sure they all make it home at the end of the day. High vis clothing works by applying fluorescent colours that emit light which is extremely visible to the human eye.


Promotes your brand

Uniforms are essentially a form of free advertising. Your employees wear them around the workplace and are seen by customers and clients, leaving a lasting impression. Uniforms can also be a point of differentiation within the industry. Helping to distinguish your brand from competitors will encourage consumers to choose your product/service. 


Sense of belonging

Introducing a staff uniform program will help your employees feel like a team. Fitting into a team is known to have a positive effect on belongingness and productivity. Encouraging everyone to work as a team by wearing the same uniform can also increase workplace happiness.


Employee Benefits

Introducing a staff uniform program will help your employees feel like a team. Fitting into a team is known to have a positive effect on belongingness and productivity. When your staff wakes up in the morning, they won’t have to spend time thinking about what they’re going to wear (I know I do). This means your staff can sleep in that extra 10 minutes and come into work feeling extra refreshed. They will also pay less for work clothing as they are provided by the company.


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