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Looking after your Arrow garments

Look after your garments correctly and you can keep and enjoy them looking great for longer.


Only wash garments that are washable and always follow the individual care instructions stitched inside the garment.

Never cram too much into the washing machine as this will hinder thorough washing and may cause creasing. 

Heavily soiled clothes should be washed on their own. Also, whites should always be washed separately from dark and bright colours.

We recommend that you use a recognised branded detergent, especially for fabrics with a wool content. Never use plain pack or budget detergents.

The use of fabric softener and conditioner may be detrimental to the performance of some garments, particularly knitwear, polyester crepe de chine and garment linings.

We recommend washing in warm water, or at least from time to time. Most detergents work better in warm water and the garments become cleaner/whiter.

Always wash garments inside out (if you can remember).